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Our Philosophy

In a world of medical specialists, we believe your health requires an holistic approach addressing multiple aspects of patient wellness including nutrition, regular exercise, relaxation, and healing of painful, unresolved emotions among many others.

Compass Lifestyle Clinics provides comprehensive advice in an environment where doctors and allied health professionals work in synergistic unity through chiropractic, naturopathy and functional medicine services to help patients achieve optimum health and evolve to the best of their ability.
As part of holistic health, we are supportive of medicinal cannabis, and our goal is to integrate this important therapeutic agent into modern medicine to be used together with other modalities of healing.

Cannabis should be used judiciously and responsibly in a proper clinical setting so possible side effects can be minimised and therapeutic outcomes optimised.

We put patients first. As every patient is unique, they also require different modalities of healing to ensure they are treated for their individual needs. Patients deserve to be guided by an empathetic and knowledgeable doctor.

Providing high standards of care and guiding patients on their road to better health is our ultimate goal.

We're here to help

We’ve seen first hand the process a patient must go through to pursue cannabis as a viable treatment plan. We work with doctors and Licensed Producers so that you can access the cannabis you need.

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Empower educated decisions about medical health alternatives.
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To be Australia’s largest and most trusted cannabis clinic.
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Portrait of Dr Teresa Towpik, Chief Medical Officer

Dr Teresa Towpik

Chief Medical Officer

Dr Towpik has been a General Practitioner in Australia since 1993 and an advocate of medicinal cannabis since the law was amended and cannabis was legalised for medicinal use. Since then she has been studying the therapeutic properties of cannabis, how it works in the human body and the potential applications in General Practice, especially in the management of chronic debilitating pain.

In 2016, Dr Towpik founded MediHuanna, an organisation that provides science-based medicinal cannabis education for Health Professionals. Dr Towpik sees cannabis as a therapeutic agent that has huge potential in General Practice. Her goal is to change the stigma of cannabis through education, enabling it to be seen as an important medicine that should be integrated into modern medicine.
Portrait of Dave Martyn, President

Dave Martyn

President & Founder

For over twenty years, David has be involved in the restaurant franchise industry, and been awarded honours including ‘Company of the Year Canada’ and ‘Business of Year’. He has been an investor and restaurant business owner since 2003, as well as an investor in the cannabis industry.
Portrait of Graeme Hawkins, Vice President

Graeme Hawkins

Vice President & Co-Founder

Vice President and Co-Founder of Compass Cannabis Clinic, Graeme Hawkins is also responsible for the build-out of each Compass location. He has an eye for design and attention to detail, as shown through his time spent at Craft Beer Market and WATCH IT! where he was also a franchisee. Graeme has the ability to manage all aspects of any project and its development while adhering to time and budget restraints. With his knowledge of zoning requirements and compliance regulations, Graeme is the main point of contact for landlords, contractors and licensees for Compass.
Portrait of Brianna Martyn, Director of Operations

Brianna Martyn

Director of Operations & Co-Founder

Brianna Martyn is the Director of Operations and one of the Co-Founders of Compass Cannabis Clinic. Previously, she worked for large retail chains including Walmart and Best Buy in corporate management. She draws upon experience working in the franchise model from time spent at WATCH IT! and Pet Land Canada as the national Director of Training for each. Her retail management expertise allows Compass to provide a customer service driven experience for their patients.
Portrait of Pavel Bulkiewicz, General Manager

Pavel Bulkiewicz

General Manager

Pavel is responsible for the day to day operations of Compass Lifestyle Clinic and works with the Compass team to develop procedures, systems and training programs to ensure health professionals have the necessary skills to safely prescribe medicinal cannabis in a clinical setting. He co-founded MediHuanna, and worked with the RACGP team to develop professional medicinal cannabis education that has received accreditation in the QI&CPD program. He believes that Cannabis is not just one plant medicine but hundreds of medicines in one plant, it is not a panacea for every illness but rather a medicine that needs to be integrated into modern medicine.
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