Metabolic Health

Metabolism is the process of managing the food we eat and converting it into energy to run our body as well as into structural elements to maintain and repair our body. Most people are unaware of these processes.

What is Metabolic Health?

The food that we eat now has changed in the last fifty years, most people eat a high percentage of processed carbohydrates and industrially-produced oils. Our bodies did not evolve to process these foods. Just like putting the wrong fuel into a highly engineered car, damage occurs and accumulates over time, leading to disease.
A recent study found that over 85% of American adults had abnormal metabolism and were not metabolically healthy. Epidemics of obesity and diabetes are sweeping the world, and poor metabolic health is the culprit.

A Guide to Healthy Eating

There are no pills to correct poor metabolic health. The only way is to start feeding the body what it really needs and then it has a chance to heal. During your appointments, we focus on dietary change to a nutrient dense, whole food way of eating.

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